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  • The State Food and Drug Administration

    Notice of the state food and drug administration on strengthening the supervision and administration of pharmaceutical glass packaging injections.   Read More>

  • Anti - tumor drug prices

    National development and reform Commission to adjust the price of drugs and other drugsRecently, the national development and reform Commission issued a notice to adjust the maximum retail price of drugs such as cancer, immunity and blood system from October 8, involving 95 varieties.   Read More>

  • geniposide anti - diabetic vascular complications

    Effects of geniposide on diabetic vascular complicationsWu Shuguang, professor at Southern Medical University School of medicine and other research shows that the main component of traditional Chinese medicine Gardenia gardenia, in the anti diabetic vascular complications have a significant role.   Read More>

  • Compendium of Materia Medica

    The 2012 edition of the national essential drugs catalogue ( hereinafter referred to as the 2012 edition ) has been published. The catalogue is divided into three parts: chemicals and biological products, Chinese patent medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, 317 chemicals and biological products.   Read More>

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