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Sodium (+)-10-camphorsulfonate
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Sodium (+)-10-camphorsulfonate

D-Camphor-10-Sulfonicacid,so;D-(+)-CAMPHOR-10-SULFONIC ACID SODIUM SALT;D-CAMPHOR-10-SULFONIC ACID SODIUM SALT;sodium 2-oxobornane-10-sulphonate;P-Camphor-10-SulfonicAcidSodiumSalt;SODIUM(+)-10-CAMOPHORSULFONATE;Sodium (+)-10-camphorsulfonate;D-camphor-B-sulfonic acid
  • GKSW
  • Y-432
  • 21791-94-6
  • Enterprise standard
  • 98%
  • 1kg/bag
Sodium Camphor Sulfonate
English Name: sodium 2-oxobornane-10-sulphonate
CAS: 21791-94-6
EINECS: 244-581-0
Molecular formula: C10H15NaO4S
Molecular weight: 254.2785
Molecular structure:
21791-94-6 D-樟脑-10-磺酸钠
Appearance: white crystalline or crystalline powder
Use: central stimulant. It has the function of exciting respiratory center and blood vessel movement center, and has strong heart action. It is mainly used for respiratory depression and circulatory depression caused by central depressant poison and pneumonia.

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