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(+)-Dimethyl L-tartrate
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(+)-Dimethyl L-tartrate

(+)-TARTARIC ACID DIMETHYL ESTER;2,3-dihydroxy-[theta-(theta,theta)]-butanedioicacidimethylester;DimethylL-(+)-tartarate;Lg-tartaricaciddimethylester;(2R,3R)-(+)-DIMETHYL TARTRATE;(2R,3R)-2,3-DIHYDROXY-SUCCINIC ACID DIMETHYL ESTER;(+)-DIMETHYL TARTRATE;DIMETHYL (2R,3R)-DIHYDROXYSUCCINATE
  • GKSW
  • 608-68-4
  • Enterprise standard
  • 98%
  • 25kg/drum

(+)-Dimethyl L-Tartrate

product Name (+)-Dimethyl L-Tartrate

Synonyms L-plus-tartaric acid dimethyl ester; Dimethyl-L-(+)-Tartratic; Dimethyl L-(+)-tartarate

Molecular Formula C6H10O6

Molecular Weight 178.14

CAS Registry Number 608-68-4

EINECS 210-166-8

Molecular Structure:

608-68-4 L-( )-酒石酸二甲酯

Density 1.238

Melting point 48-50℃

Boiling point 163℃ (23 mmHg) 

Physical Properties: 

Appearance: Colorless and Clear liquid

Application :

Mainly used in chiral drugs chiral intermediate synthesis and asymmetric catalysis, as it can be used with metal titanium complexation asymmetric catalytic propylene alcohol and as it of using the epoxy for d - alpha vitamin E chiral synthesis.


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