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Publication of the 2012 edition of the national basic drug catalogue

The 2012 edition of the national essential drugs catalogue ( hereinafter referred to as the 2012 edition ) has been published. The catalogue is divided into three parts: chemicals and biological products, Chinese patent medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, 317 chemicals and biological products, 203 Chinese patent medicines, 520. The number of chemicals and biological products in the catalogue is similar to the number of essential drugs recommended by the world health organization, and adhere to both Chinese and western medicine.

In August 2009, the national basic drug system was officially launched. The implementation of the drug use of the catalogue in 2009, combined with the implementation of without added profit policy, plays an important role in promoting rational drug use, reducing the burden on the masses and establishing the new mechanism of grass-roots operation. However, because the 2009 edition catalogue mainly focus on primary medical and health institutions, some limitations exist in the implementation: the varieties are less, the grass-roots general reflection is not enough, and the larger hospitals are rarely used; Lack of drugs such as Women and children, cancer, etc., local update of drug not; The drug dosage form is broad, which is not conducive to the procurement of the bidding. The 2012 edition catalogue is based on the catalogue of 2009, adhere to" basic, strong grass-roots, construction mechanism ", and the number is connected with the current number of grass-roots practical use, refer to who basic drug model catalogue, fully considering the basic national conditions and basic medical security capacity of our country. The 2012 edition catalogue has the following characteristics: first, increase the varieties, can better serve the grassroots medical and health institutions, and promote the comprehensive allocation of medical and health institutions at all levels, and give priority to the use of basic drugs. The second is to optimize the structure, to complement the anti-tumor and blood disease drugs, pay attention to the common disease, frequently-occurring disease, especially the major diseases and the connection between women and children. Third, standardize the dosage form and specifications and achieve standardization. Although the number of varieties increased, the number of formulations and specifications decreased, conducive to the purchase of basic drugs, guarantee supply, and implement the whole process supervision of basic drugs. Fourth, pay attention to the payment ability of medical insurance ( ncms ) to ensure the higher proportion of basic drugs.

The national basic drug catalogue was adjusted in principle three years. According to the" 12th five-year plan" of the state Council and the reform of medical reform in 2012, the Ministry of health has formulated the national basic drug catalogue for 2012. The selection process is strict according to the principle of" prevention and treatment need, safe and effective, price reasonable, use convenience, integrated Chinese and western medicine ", further optimize structure, maintain reasonable variety, dosage form and specification, balance major public health services, major disease protection, clinical pathway of traditional Chinese and western medicine, promote public hospital reform, ensure basic drug safety and gradually meet the basic drug demand In early 2012, the Ministry of health embarked on the development of the 2012 edition of the catalogue. Early July, the working Committee on essential drugs held a plenary meeting to consider the adoption of the programme of work and to establish a sound sectoral coordination mechanism. The Ministry of health organized more than 3,100 medicines and clinical experts to study the safety, effectiveness and economy of the basic drugs selected in the catalogue, and, with the strong support of the state Council and relevant departments, fully heard and absorbed the views. In late November, the basic drug Commission reconvened a plenary meeting to consider the adoption of the 2012 edition and timely report to the leading group on medical reform under the state Council. With the consent of the departments, specifically to the state Council written report to the catalogue.

The national basic drug catalogue is the basis and leader for the implementation of the basic drug system. After the 2012 edition of the catalogue, it will continue to improve the policy. Mainly in accordance with the" 12th five-year plan" medical reform planning deployment requirements, implementation of the general office of the state Council on consolidating the basic drug system and basic operation of the new mechanism ( NS ), improve drug bidding procurement mechanism to guarantee basic drug supply. To strengthen the whole quality supervision of basic drugs, carry out comprehensive evaluation of basic drug clinical use, reasonably determine the proportion of basic drugs in tertiary hospitals, strengthen the guidance and training of basic drug application and dispensatory, and promote the rational use of basic drugs.

Establishing and perfecting the drug supply security system based on the basic drug system is an important task of deepening medical reform. Under the strong leadership of party committees and governments at all levels, various departments to strengthen policy coordination, and constantly improve institutional mechanisms, and have done a lot of work in the basic drug system construction and drug policy research, and achieved remarkable results, the basic drug system has covered all the government offices. According to the working ideas of the linkage of rural medical and health agencies, government and non-governmental medical and health institutions, grass-roots and tertiary hospitals, the basic drug system and the new mechanism should be continuously strengthened and improved.

To implement the 2012 edition catalogue, to further establish the management system of basic drug selection, production, procurement, distribution, use, supervision, pricing, reimbursement, and improve relevant policy measures is a complex system engineering, requires government-led, and requires close coordination and cooperation, and requires the understanding, support and joint participation. Hope the relevant departments and news media units scientific guidance, widely publicized, improve the correct understanding of the basic drugs, and form a good social atmosphere.

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