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Anti - tumor drug prices

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National development and reform Commission to adjust the price of drugs and other drugs

Recently, the national development and reform Commission issued a notice to adjust the maximum retail price of drugs such as cancer, immunity and blood system from October 8, involving 95 varieties, more than 200 formulations specifications, average price reduction of 17 %.

The relevant head of the national development and reform Commission introduces that the price adjustment programme is formed on the basis of the cost price survey, expert evaluation and listening to the opinions. The high cost of anti-tumor, immune and blood system drugs affect the patients, and lower prices can effectively reduce the burden of patients.

The relevant head of the national development and reform Commission pointed out that the price adjustment of high cost drugs increased the price of drugs, low cost of drugs, and encourage the production supply of relatively low prices; The price of some clinically tight blood products is appropriately increased; For the patent and other innovative drugs to control the price range, using price leverage to promote the development of drugs innovation; For original drugs, the spread between the unified pricing drugs is further narrowed in order to promote fair competition in the market.

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